About Us

Standing the test of time..


Since 2005 Panpath Holdings LTD has been one of the most reliable suppliers of Medical Laboratory research equipment to Hospitals, Universities, Surgery Centers, Research Facilities, and Veterinary Practices around the East and Central Africa. Panpath Holdings LTD has been helping health professionals and research facilities provide a higher level of medicine by supplying the highest quality new lab and veterinary equipments.

Panpath Holdings LTD is a complete one stop source for lab  equipments, monitors, specialty hospital furniture, lights, medical gas systems, cauteries, and more. We also carry a full line of complementary accessories and supplies that are commonly used in the Hospital laboratory profession.





Our mission is to create consistent value for our customers and supply chain partners that will maximize shareholder value and long-term earnings growth:.

Solomon Rumisha - Panpath Holdings CEO

Support is given through an organized forum

Our product support organization is here to service our customers in everything from high end machines support, technical product support, to service dispatch for all of our products.

Our support team are highly trained specialists with the knowledge and resources to quickly find answers to your questions or solutions to your technical or integration problems. You can reach our support specialists by phone or by email.

Product-specific support contact information is listed under each product area. You can find the contact you need by first selecting the product family and then the product model. Can't find what you are looking for? Contact us.

We treat each other with respect

At Panpath Holdings we act with respect toward each other and toward those with whom we interact. We disagree openly and honestly, and we deal with our differences professionally. Once we have made a decision, we act together in harmony.

We do what is right

We are committed to the highest standards of excellence in everything that we do: on behalf of our customers, our shareholders, our communities and ourselves. We are proud to work for a health care company whose products and services make a difference in people's lives.

We derive our greatest sense of accomplishment from doing what is right - not what is expedient.

We are reliable, honest, and trustworthy in all our dealings. We keep our promises and if we make a mistake we put it right.

We always seek to improve

Superior quality is the "ground floor" of our organization. Upon it we continually strive to improve by developing, manufacturing and supplying products and services superior to our competitors' and better than the previous one.

We study our progress and learn from ourselves and others how to do things more effectively and efficiently. Our commitment to quality goes beyond how well we serve our customers to include the way we deal with all people.

How we do things is as important to us as what we do.

We accept personal responsibility

We consider individual involvement and accountability to be both a right and a privilege and accept personal responsibility for everything that we do.

We treat the company's reputation as our own and try to make wise use of our time and the company's resources.

We expect access to the tools and information necessary to participate in any decisions that will reflect on our collective or individual reputations.