Panpath Company offers a range of stethoscopes, including pressure-sensitive stethoscopes, dual headed stethoscopes, neonatal stethoscopes, and electronic stethoscopes. The full range of Littmann stethoscopes is available, including the Littman Classic II SE stethoscope, the Littmann Cardiology III stethoscope and the Littmann 4100 electronic stethoscopes.

As well as supplying Littmann Stethoscopes, Panpath Company also offers Spirit stethoscopes, which are of exceptionally good quality and represent true value for money (Spirit Homepage). 3M Littmann Electronic Stethoscope Model 3100 with Ambient Noise Reduction is one of our best sellers. Another best seller in the list is the Littmann STC Cardiology Stethoscope which combines an innovative, patient-friendly chest piece design with outstanding acoustics. Its tuneable diaphragm allows the user to alternate between low and high-frequency sounds without any hassle.

Panpath Company is also pleased to announce the introduction of the new range of Sensitivity stethoscopes. There are three models of stethoscope available:

1. Sensitivity III stethoscope,
2. Sensitivity IV dual headed pressure-sensitive stethoscope,
3. Sensitivity V dual headed cardiology stethoscope.

Sensitivity III stethoscope is a purpose-made, dual-headed entry level stethoscope designed to meet the needs of medical students, nurses, emergency care practitioners and doctors.
Sensitivity IV stethoscope is a stainless steel, dual-headed stethoscope with a pressure sensitive diaphragm and auscultation bell. At the top of its class, we highly recommend this stethoscope for doctors and medical students.

Blood pressure monitors
Panpath Company supplies a wide range of wrist and upper arm blood pressure monitors, suitable for both home and clinical use. Panpath Company is an authorised dealer for A&D and Omron, the two most well known and respected blood pressure monitor manufacturers on the market today.
Panpath Company offers the very best in blood pressure monitors; many clinically validated by the British Hypertension Society. Panpath Company’s best selling blood pressure monitor is the A&D UA767 (ref AB005). Also available from A&D are the very popular models the UA-787+ (ref AB035) upper arm blood pressure monitor, and the UB-511 (ref AB015) wrist blood pressure monitor.

Popular Omron blood pressure monitors include the MX3 Plus blood pressure monitor, the Omron M6 and Omron M7 blood pressure monitors, recommended by many GPs as ideal for taking blood pressure at home. We also supply Omron pedometers and nebulisers.

Clinical blood pressure monitors include the A&D 2655P tunnel-type blood pressure monitor (also popular with companies for staff blood pressure monitoring use), and the Omron 907 clinical blood pressure monitor, widely used in hospitals and clinics as a reliable alternative to mercury.

Otoscope and Ophthalmoscope
Panpath Company offers otoscopes and ophthalmoscopes, both separately and as diagnostic sets, including mini (pocket) versions.

Our range includes otoscopes and ophthalmoscopes from the manufacturers such as KaWe, Welch Allyn and Reister Ltd.

Medical Weighing Scales
Panpath Company supply a wide selection of medical scales from Secacovering the full range of clinical weighing requirements from baby scales to Column scales.
The range includes baby scales, models Seca 835 and 834 with detachable tray to convert into a toddler scale, compact flat scales both mechanical, model Seca 761 and electrical, models Seca 861 and 888 with features including automatic tap-on.

Column scales include the Seca 704 electronic column scale with high capacity, and the Seca 74 digital column scale for BMI model which comes with a scale, measuring rod and body mass index calculator. This model can also be purchased with a printer.

We also supply a wide range of Seca height measuring instruments and scale accessories.

EGC Machines
Panpath Company offer a range of ECG Machines manufactured by Seca, Welch Allyn and Omron Free demonstatations are available for all ECG’s call 01285 644448
Models include the Seca CT3000 range and the new economically priced CT8000i with adult and paediatric interpretive software as standard with A4 print connection, the Welch Allyn CP100 and CP200
We also offer PC based ECG, which acquires the EGC from the patient directly into the treatment room computer. the CardioPerfect PC Based ECG System with Interpretation and Seca CT110
The Unique Omron HeartScan is a portable, cordless single- channel ECG Monitor and ideal for outpatient visits, home monitoring and pre-screening patients.

Power Plate
Vibration training equipment from the market leaders Power Plate, including the Power Plate My3 and Power Plate My5 for home use and the Power Plate Pro5 range for commercial use.

Medical Bags
Range of medical bags for all budgets. Leather Doctors bags, Canvas bags and Ampoule cases

Tuning forks

A variety of medical tuning forks including Gardiner Brown and Spirit, suitable for the most demanding of medical diagnostic applications.

Medical Fridge
Medical fridge is important to store vaccines, medicines, and other pharmaceutical items in the most effective manner. The medical fridge is designed to store these medical items at the most appropriate temperatures. Good storage of pharmaceutical items is an essential part of effective health care. Panpath Company offers the best in medical fridge. We offer medical fridge that uses compressor technology. Such a technology allows for better achievement of lower temperatures when compared to thermoelectric technology used in refrigerators.
We at Panpath Company source medical fridge from a few reputed suppliers who have made a name for themselves by offering products of the highest quality and that too at reasonable costs. We too therefore offer medical fridge at highly competitive prices.

Our catalogue also includes premium quality medical clothing and medical clogs. Medical clogs are available in blue, pink and white. Our medical clogs are designed to be used in operating theatre. They are autoclavable at 134°C – 274°F.