We supply high quality range of sterile surgical gloves, and retractable safety syringe that are manufactured using high quality range of natural rubber latex and others. Mainly catering to the needs of the Local Chemists, Municipal Hospitals and Dispensaries, Government Hospitals and Semi-Government Institutions our range is in high demand by our clients spread across East Africa.

We offer a wide range of surgical gloves, pre powdered surgical gloves and pre powdered examination gloves that are made from high quality natural rubber latex. These surgical gloves are required to provide safe protection to hands during surgical procedures and also help against infections. These surgical gloves are designed as per the sizes of the hand and are available at industrial leading prices.

We supply an array of safety syringes that are sterile, do not have any toxic element and are pyrogen free. These syringes are available with sharp and clear graduation marks that help in precise dosage accuracy. We offer these syringes with dimensional accuracy that helps in leak proof fit. We also have the ability to customize size of the needle as per client’s specifications.

We have a wide range of  bandages that are used to support a medical device, dressing or splint. Bandages are available in a wide range of types, from generic cloth strips, to specialised shaped bandages designed for a specific limb or part of the body.

Gauzes and Swabs
Gauze and swabs that we manufacture are hydrogen peroxide bleached, absorbent cotton gauze and confirm to the highest standards of quality. These swabs are manufactured in various size along with specific folding requirements.

Orthopaedic Bandages
Orthopaedic Bandages consists of cotton fabric of plain weave and is manufactured in various sizes. The Orthopaedic Bandages is generally supplied in a different packaging as per client”s requirements.

Sterile Wound Dressings
Sterile Wound Dressings comprehensive compact general First Aid Kit for basic emergencies. It includes plasters, wipes, wound dressing, micropore tape, Pair of scissors, Safety pins, protective gloves etc.